You're ENGAGED! Now What?

YOU’RE ENGAGED!!! Can you believe that shiny thing on your hand is yours?! Thoughts of the day and how he proposed keep replaying in your mind and a smile hasn’t left your face. Then the questions start pouring in… where are you getting married? Have you set a date? Do you have a venue? A dress? And so on.

So where do you begin??


The 3 Basics:



Tip: Ask family or friends to help in areas that will cut cost! Wedding prep or set up, cakes or desserts, Day-of-coordinating, get creative with your budget to make space for other things!

Budgeting is not always a fun conversation but it is important to lead with this conversation so you can know how to divide your money and narrow down the options. Picking a venue, dress, and other details will be more simple when you can narrow it down to what you have budgeted for.



Tip: Fridays/Sundays can sometimes run half the cost for many venues!

Be sure to keep in mind any holidays that may fall on or near the date you choose, this may affect pricing for hotels and flights for guests. My advice is to find two dates that could work, then texting your immediate family (or anyone else who you consider “family”) and bridal party to see if the dates work for them.



Tip: If you have a planner, chat with her first!

She will have a wealth of knowledge about the spaces in town that may align with your vision. Keep in mind your potential guest list and size of your wedding as this will help you know if it can accommodate your potential wedding numbers. Looking into doing a destination wedding? Be sure to check events in that town that may affect travel or hotels. Lastly, keep that budget in mind and the items the venue comes with (if any) as this may help you cut costs in other areas!


3 Planning Tips:


Pick 3 things that are the most important to you both.

This could be anything from venue, catering, and flowers to ceremony backdrop, dress, and photography. Whatever it is pick 3 and stick to them! This will help you focus on what really matters to you both and let the small details fade away. This season is bound to throw you a few curveballs so remember your 3 when other items seem like they are weighing you down.


Create Space

This one is two-fold. It is so important to create mental space for yourself to breathe and take in the season. There are so many decisions to be made that it can put your mind (and body) on overload! Create space in your schedule to step away from it and remember why you started and what is to come. Secondly, space out the hard stuff with something FUN! Sending vendor emails, reviewing contracts, chatting about budget…. Take a break and start a registry! Or make plans for the honeymoon! Whatever it is, space out that task and to-dos with an exciting mental break.


Keep dating one another!

Some of the best advice I can give is to keep dating! It sounds simple but going on dates and stepping away from the planning creates such a fun time to think together about what is to come post-wedding! Try your best to put the phones away, avoid any wedding planning items, and enjoy each other's company. This will be practice for your wedding day when it is about the two of you as well as being present in each moment of the day!

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